"For years I have wanted to tithe but never made a commitment to anything specific.. Since I have personally met this brave cancer survival couple, along with my four friends and 2 family member who didn't survive cancer, 4 siblings who have survived with recent knowledge, Thank you for giving me a cause.  It gives me reason to tithe to your Winship cause."
                Hasina Grimball


"I think your blog  is great. It is 

informative, highly beneficial, warm, inviting and attractive. The various videos are awesome. I would add something on Religion, if possible.

You definitely have found your CALLING."

                      Roberta  Selden

"Your assistance of actions as experienced help mates building  confidence and family decision making are needed.  Families like ours could have benefited during the endless decision making issues. We admire what you have accomplished and will spread the information about your website and blog to people we know."

              Cynthia and Gary Brouse